Gardena Holiday Watering (With Water Tank)


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Gardena-Holiday Watering (with water tank) With the GARDENA Holiday Watering Set, up to 36 potted plants can be automatically watered. In this way, you can conveniently water your plants without the watering can – and you will have an ideal substitute when you are absent. Through the transformer with built-in timer, irrigation is activated daily for one minute. Over three different distributors each with 12 outlets, various water supply requirements for certain plants can be assigned, from 15 ml per minute to 30 ml/minute to a maximum 60 ml/minute. Should a plant require a lot of water, you can attach up to three drip distributors per pot. The fully sealed low-voltage transformer can be used both indoors and outdoors. Included in the set are a transformer (14 V) with built-in time, a pump with dirt filter, three drip distributors with 12 outlets each, 9 m distribution pipe, 30 m drip pipe, 36 pipe pegs, 20 end caps and a 9-litre water container.
Automatic and convenient irrigation
With the GARDENA Holiday Watering Set, up to 36 potted plants can be automatically watered. For more convenience, and ideal for when you are on holiday.
Immediately ready to use
The complete set with pump, hoses, various drip distributors, a transformer with built-in time and a 9 l water container for water can be immediately used.
Various water supply quantities
Thanks to the drip distributors with three various water supply quantities, requirement-based, precisely dosed watering is possible. The individual water requirements of different plants can be considered.
Safe and flexible
The fully sealed low-voltage transformer allows safe and flexible use indoors and outdoors.
Easy initial operation
The Holiday Watering Set is especially easy to use and does not need to be programmed.

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