Gardena Hedge Clippers 2in1 EnergyCut



The EnergyCut by GARDENA convinces with its unparalleled 2-in-1 feature, thanks to which it offers the best combination of fast and powerful work with high efficiency. When cutting hedges, bushes or shrubbery, it might happen that a big branch gets in the way of a perfectly even cut. In those cases you can just push the button and activate the additional power! By increasing the opening-angle you create additional force by an increase in leverage.
The normal cutting mode does its job perfectly and is suitable for quick cuts with high efficiency. This is provided by the serrated edges of the blades which are additionally non-stick coated, resulting in no material sticking to them. With the two cutting modes the garden work is in your hand. Then it goes without saying that everything is provided for the comfort of your hands, as well! The handles of the EnergyCut are formed according to the thought-through ergonomy. This round and ergonomic shape feels especially good when working in your garden. In combination with the smooth springing you will feel no tiring in your hands for a long time while cutting. You can look forward now to garden work thanks to the powerful 2in1 EnergyCut. Grow with every cut.

Use the extra power - up to 2,5 x more  Only the EnergyCut has the patented extra power feature. At the push of a button you can change the cutting mode from quick cut for thin twigs to force cut for thick twigs. The resulting increase in travel translates into up to two and a half times more force.
On the Crest of a Wave - Efficient Cut The blades of this hedge cutter have a serrated edge that will serve you well. This is because the cutting edge always achieves a high level of efficiency when cutting large areas. The serrated edge keeps the cut material in the cutting area of the shears and prevents it from slipping out. This results in higher effectiveness especially when cutting large areas.
Get a Grip - ErgoTec The GARDENA hedge clippers are characterised by ErgoTec handles. These are round and well-balanced and therefore have a very ergonomic shape for hedge cutting, so that the shears rest perfectly in the hands in every position.
A Spring in your Cut GARDENA hedge clippers have a soft buffer that ensures good cushioning, is easy on the joints and contributes to comfort.
Non-stick coating  The blades are n on-stick coated. This reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the shears from rust.

Blade length
230 mm
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