NatureUp! Basic Set Vertical + Classic Secateurs

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The GARDENA NatureUp! Basic Set Vertical is the flexible system for transforming bare walls into a real eye-catcher using flowers, herbs and vegetables in a quick, uncomplicated manner without requiring much effort. The connecting system with planters made from weather-resistant plastic is modular, extendable and can be connected without the use of tools. The planters can stand on the floor or be securely hung on the walls. A drainage system in each planter ensures that waterlogging is prevented. Excess water is collected in the drip pan of the floor plate. As a result, the wall and floor always stay clean. The set consists of 3 vertical planters, 3 covers, 1 floor plate and 12 connecting clips.
Small area – great effect Green wellness oases can be created even in the smallest of areas, as NatureUp! only requires a small base area.
Individual design The flexible system offers diverse possibilities as it can be extended in modular form. The planter can stand on the floor or be reliably attached to the wall
Clever water guidance A drainage system in every single corner planter ensures that waterlogging is prevented. Excess water is dissipated in a controlled manner and collected in the drip pan of the floor plate. In this way, the wall and floors always remain clean, and no germs or bacteria can reach one level of the planter from another.
Trouble-free irrigation For optimum water supply, NatureUp! can also be used with the coordinated irrigation set, optionally combined with a Water Control.

Included Components3 vertical planters, 3 covers, 1 base plate, 12 clips
Product size length65 cm
Product size width15 cm
Product size height54 cm

Gardena classic Secateurs

  • The GARDENA Classic Secateurs have an extra-narrow, angled cutting head that allows precise cutting of vines and twigs.
  • The upper blade of the secateurs is non-stick coated and the bottom blade is made of stainless steel.
  • Precise cutting of vines and twigs Through the extra-narrow cutting head and the non-stick coated, precision-ground blades, the Classic Secateurs cut extremely precisely.
  • Ergonomic, comfort handles Through the ergonomically formed comfort handles, the secateurs lie comfortably in the hand.
  • The Comfort Secateurs cut a maximum branch diameter of 20 mm.
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