Battery Trimmer ComfortCut Li-18/23R ready-to-use Set


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Gardena Battery Trimmer ComfortCut Li-18/23R ready-to-use Set Long lawn edges and hard to reach spots in the garden are easily and conveniently shaped with the GARDENA Battery Trimmer ComfortCut Li-18/23R. The individually adjustable telescopic handle and the extra large additional handle support a relaxed, upright posture and simultaneously facilitate the safe navigation of the tool. The tiltable handle makes trimming hard to reach areas significantly easier. The tiltable trimmer head facilitates the accurate upright cutting of overhanging lawn edges. When trimming close to flowerbeds and flower borders, the plant guard can be swung out to protect plants against damage. The set includes battery and charger. The trimmer is powered by an easy-care GARDENA System Battery with 18 V and 2.6 Ah. The battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect.

Powerful battery technology The lithium-ion replacement battery is powerful, low-maintenance, flexibly rechargeable and simple to change. An LED display indicates the current charging level of the battery. The GARDENA System Battery BLi-18 is compatible with all units of the GARDENA HeartBeat System 18 V.
Efficient cutting system The RotorCut Cutting System, with durable plastic blades, provides particularly quiet, accurate and clean cutting performance.
Ergonomic handle The extra long and easily adjustable additional handle makes working with the trimmer particularly convenient. The practical telescopic handle enables individual adjustment to the user’s height.
Convenient upright cutting The trimmer head has an integrated guide wheel and can be swivelled sideways, which facilitates the upright cutting of overhanging lawn edges on terraces, walkways or flowerbeds.
 Trimming underneath obstacles For easy and ergonomic trimming underneath obstacles like garden benches or trampolines, the trimmer can be simply and easily tilted.
 Protection of flowers and trees The swing-out plant guard enables accurate and careful trimming around plants, for example alongside flowerbeds.

Battery specification
Battery typeLi-Ion
Battery voltage18 V
Battery capacity2.6 Ah
Battery model nameGARDENA Battery BLi-18
Typical battery charging time to 80%180 min
Typical battery charging time to 100%300 min
Number of batteries included1
Cutting width23 cm
Feed mechanismRotorCut blades
Shrubbing FeaturesYes
Plant GuardYes
Overall dimensions
Weight2.8 kg
Weight with battery3.1 kg
Weight without battery2.6 kg
Vibration & noise data
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)86 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear68 dB(A)
Vibration (ah) Vibration max ah2.5 m/s²
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