Replacement Filament Cassette


Categories : Lawn Care Grass Trimmers


Gardena-Replacement Filament Cassette For Turbotrimmer EasyCut 400 (Art. No. 8846), ComfortCut 450 (Art. No. 8847), PowerCut 500 (Art. No. 8848)  , SmallCut 300/23(Art. No. 9805), SmallCut Plus 350/23(Art. No. 9806), EasyCut 400/25(Art. No. 9807), ComfortCut 450/25(Art. No. 9808) and ComfortCut Plus 500/27(Art. No. 9809). The string supply is 6 metres.
Replacement Filament Cassette
Through the change of the filament cassette, maximum cutting comfort is achieved.
Easy to exchange
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