Wall-Mounted Hose Box 35 Roll-Up Automatic Li


  • The 35-m-long hose can be effortlessly unwound to the desired length – it can be stopped at any point. And thanks to the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery, roll-up is easy with just the press of a button. Battery power instead of muscle power.
  • A hose that can be conveniently rolled up with the press of a button – the world innovation from GARDENA. Variously coloured LEDs inform you at all times of the current battery charging level. Especially practical: Blockages or faults are also immediately displayed. Already after three to four hours, the battery is fully recharged.
  • The practical wall bracket makes it possible: The Hose Box can be swivelled 180°. This prevents kinking of the hose while watering and the box can be folded to the wall for space-saving storage. In winter, the box is simply removed from the bracket and stored in a frost-protected place.
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