Planting And Soil Gloves Size 9



GARDENA Gardening and Soil Gloves give special protection for more demanding tasks and when there can also be moisture. The non-slip and water-repellent latex coating on the palms and fingertips give a perfect grip while working. At the same time, the latex material ensures that your hands stay dry and clean. Even when planting in moist soils. The reinforcements on the fingertips protect against dirt and moisture yet still allow delicate work with plants and soil. The sensitive fabric selection and the elasticated knit material guarantee a perfect sit, wearing comfort and breathability. That means: no sweaty hands!
Non-toxic materials GARDENA quality means non-toxic. All materials guarantee pleasant wearing comfort and a long life.
Optimal wearing comfort Wherever there is work and sweat, with a simultaneous high demand on wearing comfort, GARDENA guarantees durable, breathable material quality and excellently worked fingertips for a perfect fit.
Safety The selected, durable materials and the reinforced fingertips offer an excellent feel and optimal protection while planting or performing other tasks in the garden.
Modern, attractive design The Planting and Soil Gloves are not only high-function but also attractive in design and perfect in fit. Structures, shapes and colours are perfectly harmonised.
Convincing functionality The non-slip and water-repellent latex coating allows dry and clean hands while planting in moist soils and offers an optimal grip while working with garden tools.
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