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The GARDENA Basic Set comprises a Threaded Tap Connector with an Tap Connector 1” (33.3mm) , a Hose connector 13 mm (1/2″)- 15 mm (5/8″) , a Water Stop 13 mm (1/2″)- 15 mm (5/8″) and the Cleaning Nozzle .

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The GARDENA "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Adjustable Spray Nozzle is ideal in combination with longer hoses or pumps. It is connected to the "Profi" Maxi-Flow System. The nozzle is made of brass.

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With its soft spray, the Classic Sprayer is ideal for watering potted plants and individual areas.

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Gardena Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse™

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With the GARDENA Multi Purpose Spray Gun with Flow Control you are best-equipped: the sprayer has four different water spray patterns: hard-, flat-, soft- and mist spray.

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With the GARDENA Classic Multi Sprayer you are best-equipped: the sprayer has three different water spray patterns: soft spray, bubble jet spray, 9 point hard jet. With soft nozzles

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The GARDENA Comfort Multi Sprayer can perform all irrigation and cleaning tasks. Soft plastic components on the spray gun head provide protection against damage. If the water flow is to be continuous, you can lock the pulse trigger.

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Gardena Comfort Hanging Basket Spray Lance, Hanging baskets and plants in remote positions can be watered paticularly easely and accurately using the GARDENA Comfort Hanging Basket Spray Lance.

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Showering outdoors can be so much fun! The fully adjustable height of the GARDENA Garden Shower duo through a simple push button allows ideal setting of the nozzle for every body size.

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The comfortable shower for the garden, With the GARDENA Garden Shower trio, showering outdoors is as comfortable as in your bathroom.

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